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On-line poll worker application

The Seminole County Supervisor of Elections is now accepting applications for poll worker positions. We are looking for good citizens to become part of our Election Day team. Because of our dedicated poll workers, we are able to provide quality service for voters at every polling place location in the County.

Poll workers are selected and appointed by the Supervisor of Elections. An election board for each precinct is composed of a Clerk, VotePass Assistant, VotePass Inspectors, a Voting Equipment Technician, and a poll deputy.

For an easy-reference sheet about poll worker requirements, you can download the following

Click here for the Poll Worker Fact Sheet.

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Partners in Democracy

If you represent a company or organization and wish to raise money for your favorite nonprofit organization by “adopting” a precinct, consider our Partners in Democracy program or call 407-708-7711 for more information.

2016 Partner in Democracy organizations include:

  • American Muslim Community Centers
  • Central Florida International Black Women’s Congress, Inc
  • Geneva Rural Heritage Center, Inc.
  • GFWC Central Florida Women’s Service League
  • Kiwanis Club of Altamonte Springs-Longwood
  • Kiwanis Club of Oviedo-Winter Springs
  • League of Women Voters of Seminole County
  • Oviedo Citizens in Action
  • Rotary Club of Casselberry
  • Rotary Club of Sanford
  • South Seminole Chapter of Demolay
  • St. Stephen Men’s Club
  • Tijuana Flats – Benefiting Boys Town Central Florida
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church

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A Typical Day Working At The Polls


All election board members must report to their assigned precinct by 6 a.m. on Election Day to prepare the polling place for voting by setting up the voting booths, signs, and supplies. Everyone should come prepared to spend a full day, bringing lunch, supper and any other necessities such as medicine, etc. No poll workers may leave the polling place during the day.

Proper attire (business casual, no jeans or shorts) is required. Poll workers shall not wear any clothing, jewelry, buttons, pins, etc., that suggest political party affiliation or promote a candidate or any issue on the ballot.

At 7 a.m., the poll workers open the polls for voting and:

  • Verify voter identification, addresses and signatures
  • Issue ballots and demonstrate proper voting procedures
  • Provide assistance to voters as needed

At 7 p.m., or whenever the last voter in line at 7 p.m. has voted, poll workers close the polls and perform their post-election responsibilities, which includes packing up. No one is released until all election board tasks are completed and the clerk authorizes the dismissal. The clerk and another poll worker of differing party affiliations deliver all election materials to a designated drop-site immediately after leaving the polling place.

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Schools of Instruction


Florida law requires that all election board members attend a training session to learn about their specific duties and responsibilities as election officials. These required, paid classes are conducted by the Supervisor of Elections prior to each primary, general, and special election.

Portions of the Schools of Instruction are available online for completion prior to your classroom training, so access to the Internet is required.

Poll worker hiring begins approximately 4 months prior to an election. Submitting a poll worker application does NOT guarantee you a poll worker position. You are placed on our prospective poll worker list and will be contacted regarding any position openings.

Poll workers are paid for attendance at the mandatory School of Instructions as well as for working during early voting or on Election Day. Class assignments occur over the phone at the time of hiring and are confirmed through the mail. Training pay is included in the compensation levels outlined below. (Please note: you will only be paid for training if you actually work during early voting, on Election Day, or remain available as an alternate for Election Day.)

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Position Descriptions and Compensation Levels


Clerks                                                    Compensation $250.00                                                                              

  • The clerk is in charge of and responsible for ensuring that the election board carries out its duties and responsibilities.
  • Must demonstrate working knowledge of the laws and procedures relating to voter registration, voting system operation, balloting and polling place procedures.
  • Must have demonstrated problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Attend a minimum of 4 hours of training prior to each election.
  • Pick up election materials from the Supervisor of Elections at a set date and time prior to the election.
  • Transmit election results to Supervisor of Elections after the polls close.
  • Return all election materials immediately after elections to designated drop-site.

Assistant Clerk                                       Compensation $180.00

  • The Assistant Clerk performs the duties of a VotePass Assistant on Election Day, but is trained to step into the Clerk position should the Clerk cancel.
  • Attend a minimum of 4 hours of training prior to each election.

VotePass Assistant                               Compensation $175.00

  • The VotePass Assistant is responsible for researching voters’ registration information via an iPad.
  • Confirm voter identification at the check-in table using an iPad.
  • Distribute appropriate ballot to voters, including provisional ballots when necessary.
  • Attend a minimum of 3 hours of training prior to each election.
  • Direct voters who have moved or reported to a precinct other than the precinct in which s/he resides to the proper polling place to vote.
  • Assist voters with Election Day change of address procedures.

VotePass Inspector                               Compensation $150.00

  • VotePass Inspectors assist the clerk with assigned duties at the polls on Election Day.
  • Confirm voter identification at the check-in table using an iPad.
  • Distribute appropriate ballot to voters.
  • Attend a minimum of 3 hours of training prior to each election.
  • May be required to travel with the clerk to a designated drop-site to deliver election materials immediately after the closing and breakdown of the polling place.

Voting Equipment Technicians           Compensation $150.00

  • Attend a minimum of 3-5 hours of training prior to each election.
  • Set up the touch screen voting unit on Election Day.
  • Activate ballots and provide technical support to voters using the touch screen on Election Day.
  • Monitor the paper ballot Accu-Vote machine and provide technical assistance to voters.

Deputy                                                      Compensation $120.00

  • The deputy’s responsibility is to maintain good order outside the polling place.
  • Attend a minimum of 1.5 hours of training prior to each election.
  • Subject to all lawful commands of the clerk or inspectors.
  • Monitor the 100-foot no solicitation zone outside the polling place.

Alternates                                                Compensation $25.00

  • Alternates train for a specific position and are on-call for Election Day.
  • If an alternate is placed into a position, compensation is provided based upon the levels outlined above.
  • If the alternate is not needed, alternate compensation will be paid for training and on-call status.

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How To Get Involved – When you work the polls, the polls work!


Over 1,000 of your friends, neighbors, and co-workers serve our community each election year to perform this valuable public service. Why not join them? If you would like to contribute to making the election process work by applying to serve as a poll worker during early voting or on Election Day, you may:

  • Complete an on-line application (preferred) which is submitted directly to the elections office.
  • Call our office at 407-708-7760 and ask about becoming a poll worker.
  • Stop by our office at 1500 East Airport Boulevard in Sanford, 32773 and fill out an application.

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Thank you for your commitment to democracy. We appreciate your interest and your assistance!